DIY: How to Make Pine-Cone-Flower-Decorated Mason Jars

For someone who is enthusiastic about the coming of the fall season, decorating your home with fall-themed ornaments may be a great idea. Thus, I`m going to teach you how to make home decors that match the fall season. 

Before we can create our pine-cone-flower-decorated mason jars, we need to gather first our materials:

  • Pine Cones
  • Mason Jars 
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Round Wooden Plugs
  • Craft Saw 
  • Strong Scissors
  • Jute Twine
  • Sueded Cording
  • Circular Chipboard Shapes

  • If you are familiar with pine cones, you won`t be asking why we need needle nose pliers and craft saw. Otherwise, you`ll find out later.  

    The next step is to wrap the mason jars with jute twine or sueded cording. You can decide on the wrapping design. You can braid some jute twine of the same length before wrapping it around the jar. You can also use other strings as alternatives.

    If you`re done with the jars, let`s proceed with the pine cones. Pull out carefully a round-row of pine cone pieces with your needle nose pliers. Saw your pine cone apart with your craft saw following the space created by pulling a row of pine cones. Be careful not to destroy the bottom part. Peel off remaining pine cone pieces with needle nose pliers or scissors.


    Start creating beautiful flowers with those pine cone pieces. Glue them one by one to a circular chipboard until it forms a flower with several petals. Use your creativity in varying the designs of your flowers. Put a round wooden plug on top of each flower. Let them dry for few minutes.

    Finally, glue the flowers onto the jute twine or cording in the mason jars. Add something for extra style. And you`re done! You can now put them in your favorite place.

    Images (c) Crafts Unleashed

    How To Make Homemade Batteries From Pumpkins

    Who said pumpkins are just for Halloween? This useful, fun-filled and very easy project will show you that pumpkins are not just used as scary stuff but also as batteries. Excited now? Let`s start. 

    Before you can make anything, you need first the materials. In this project, all you need are:
    • Pumpkins (or just one will do) 
    • Galvanized (or zinc-coated) nails or screws 
    • Copper materials (copper wire, nails, etc.)
    • Wires
    Note: You also need some background on basic principles of electricity in order for you to understand the logic of every procedure and purpose of each material that we are using.

    Put one galvanized nail or screw in the pumpkins, leaving a length of it stuck out in order for you to connect the wires later.

    Beside or nearby the galvanized screw or nail, put also the copper material. Make sure they don`t touch each other or you`ll have short circuit later.

    Now get your wire. We`re going to create a series connection by connecting the galvanized material of one pumpkin to the copper material of the other pumpkin through your wire. It would be much easier if you have an alligator clip. If not, then so be it.   

    Get another wires, and connect one end of each of these wires to the unconnected material in the pumpkins (pumpkin 1: copper material, pumpkin 2: galvanized material). 

    Finally, connect the other end of each wire to a digital multimeter. See how much voltage you get.

    And that`s it! You have your pumpkin power. 

    If you want to experiment, you can add more pumpkins to your series connection or you can make a parallel connection. Take note of the voltage difference you`ll get.

    Images (c) Instructables 

    DIY: Recycled Halloween Decorations


    Halloween, it`s knocking on your door. Are you ready to celebrate with us? If not, let me share these fun-filled and easy DIY projects on how to make your Halloween decors out of some recycled materials. 

    Here we go!

    Scary Glowing Eyes 

    It must have been so scary feeling hidden eyes is looking at you, right? Why not give that same feeling to others this Halloween season? Collect some toilet paper rolls and carve some spooky eyes with a knife. Get some glow sticks, pop in and tape one inside each roll. Hide these eyes in some dark places or among bushes. There you have it!

    Living Dead Dolls

    Most kids love dolls because they are so cute. However, this Halloween season, we`ll give these toys a twist. What you need are your old dolls or toys. Paint them according to your horrific imaginations. (Don`t forget the red for blood.) You can also add some fangs out of plastic forks if you want to make a vampire doll. If you prefer zombies, you need some acrylic paint for the body and eyes and match them with dirty doll clothes to make your doll look like a real mini zombie. Let them dry and place them wherever you want. Be careful not to have your own scary doll nightmare.

    Creepy Stuff-filled Glass Jars

    This décor is very easy, but maybe not very much if you don`t have that creative mind. All you need are empty jars and anything unusable items in your house that you could place inside. Get some paint or colored materials. One example of that “ugh” jars is the “Bundle of Nerves” which is made from red-painted lichens tied with string. You can create your own. Let your imagination work.

    If you really don`t have any idea, you can research online or ask some friends. Or, you can place some spooky stickers and other scary stuff inside. Pour in some liquid to make them float inside.

    Aluminum Can Luminaries

    In this project, you`ll realize how your empty cans can be so useful. Collect variety of empty cans, clean them and let dry. Spray paint these cans with black color and let dry. Punch some holes inside using nails and hammer to create some words or messages, patterns, etc. that have something to do with Halloween. Place a lighted candle or LED light inside


    Stocking Spider Sacs

    Spiders are not that scary during ordinary days or in some normal places. However, this Halloween season, we`ll make these little crawling creatures extra scary using only recycled materials. First, you`ll have to cut some pillow stuffing, balloon, stocking or any fabrics available in your house. Fill it in with anything until it looks like a bulb. Stick all sizes of black spiders outside—plastic or cut-out paper spiders. Make additional large spiders out of those fabrics or stockings and hang nearby to give extra creepy effect.

    Dryer Extraction Tube Pumpkins

    Pumpkins are the most common symbols for Halloween. Here, we`ll try to make these horror stuff out of that clothes dryer extraction tubes. Cut them in halves and extend fully. Get you spray paint to color them according to your preference. Glue the ends together with a hot glue gun or a lighted glue stick, whichever is available. Put in some sand or any powder before gluing the pumpkins if you want to display them outside to prevent from being blown away. Add something for the stems, e. g. shredded papers, sticks or moss. Place them wherever you like.

    There you have it! Your Halloween decors. It`s time to bring in some friends. Happy Halloween!

    Images (c) Inhabitat.

    DIY: Learn How to Make a Fashionable Recycled Plastic Bag Basket

    Nowadays plastics are rampant to the environment which causes major world problems like floods, yet humans are still using excessive amount of plastics and throw them anywhere. One way to help the environment and at the same time creating something that is very useful is recycling the plastics. Making a recycled plastic bag basket is not just helping the environment but also the human beings. This water proof basket is very useful in terms of carrying goods when we buy something from the market or carry other things.

    What you’ll need:

    1. Garden twine

    2. Scissors

    3. Clear tapes (as many as you can)

    4. a bodkin or large tapestry needle

    Before creating the basket, you need to prepare all the materials especially the carrier bags. Lay each bag on a flat surface and smooth out. Cut unnecessary extensions especially if it has handles in order to create a rectangular shape of equal sizes. Quickly tape the top of the bag after rolling it to keep it in place. 

    Now, we`ll have to weave some garden twine, but first, you need to loosen a length of it to fit a thread of it in a needle. This may not be necessary at first. Wind the twine around the plastic bag bundle, seeing to it that the bag is fully covered with twines. Do it over again, but leave 2 inches gap at the top. Fold this part and tape the created loop. Create a spiral chape by binding the central ring. Continue doing this until you are done with the first round. You may also try interlocking stitches to make the bind stronger.

    The next stage applies the same process, but instead of passing the twine through the center, you have to do interlocking stitch using your needle with twine thread inserted on it. Take note of the foundation ring. Wind the twine through loop and pass it through the needle in a front-back motion. Keep the stitches close but even so that it`s neat to look at. Repeat this process and finish the whole basket. You may roll and tape another plastic bag to make sure it`s stronger and secured.

    You can begin doing the upward rounds if you are satisfied with the size of the base of your basket. This process is a lot easier than the previous ones. You just have to lay the next round over the previous one, passing the twine in an inside-outside manner through the basket using the interlocking stitch again.

    If you think your basket’s height is enough, proceed with the handles. This time, you can utilize the plastic bag handles that you cut earlier. Same procedure as first one, flatten out the handle and roll it to form a mini-bundle. Create several of these with different colors—or any color pattern you prefer. Group them into three groups, tape them together and braid. Make the braided bundles long enough to be a good basket handle.

    Insert the handles through the basket on both sides. Make two rounds below the top portion of the basket. Tape the unwound ends together, making sure it`s cured and nicely done. Lift up the handle ring inside and outside the basket, hold them and bind them together with more twines as closely as possible to the upper part of the basket. 

    And voila! Now you have an eco-friendly and water proof handmade basket.

    How To Make Your Own Modern Torch From Recycled Bottles

    Empty wine bottles look useless as garbage when not sold at junk shops. However, there are some which are good enough to be called as junks, and maybe some of you even display them at home. Instead of making them as a mere visual pleasure, why not make them into a more useful stuff? 

    Here, we teach you how to make an improvised Tiki-style recycled wine bottle torch. What you need are the following: Empty Wine Bottle, Teflon Tape, Copper Top Plate Connector, Split Ring Hanger, 2 Hex Nuts, 2 Zinc Plated Wood Screws, Copper Coupling, Copper Cap, Zinc Plated Threaded Rod, Wick, And Torch Fuel .


    For exact measurements, you can refer here.

    Making a Hanger

    Before you create the torch, you need to consider first where you want to mount it and position the Top Plate Connector on the surface. Use any marker for the holes so that you`ll know where you should put your screws. Drill and mount in the Rod, where you have to thread the 2 Hex Nuts on both ends. Tighten up one of the nuts, seeing to it that the Rod meets up with the Top Plate Connector. Put the Split Ring Hanger onto the Rod, flushing it with the other Hex Nut. Now you have your Hanger.

    Making the Torch

    The next thing to do is to make your recycled wine bottle torch. First, you need to carefully wrap tightly the end of the coupling at ½ inch using your Teflon Tape. Do it constantly until it fits perfectly into the bottle opening. Now, insert the wick into the coupling, leaving ¼ inch of it stuck out. Fit in the bottle neck onto the Split Ring Hanger.

    Remember to unscrew first the hanger a little bit before mounting the bottle neck. When it`s set, screw the hanger again and tighten it on both sides, just enought to prevent the recycled wine bottle torch from falling but not breaking it. Fill the bottle with fuel. Insert the coupling and wick on top it, twist it tightly and nicely. Wait for few minutes until the wick absorbs enough the fuel. Then try to light it!

    There you have it—your Recycled Wine Bottle Torch. What a nice way of recycling your wine bottles!

    Images (c) Design Sponge

    How To Make Unique Candle Holders Using Wooden Sticks

    Any décor that is a source of light elevates the romantic ambiance of anybody’s home. In addition, for couples and family members, having decors that give off light makes them feel their home is more elegant and relaxing. 

    Whether it is for special occasions or ordinary use, DIY home adornment projects are always a must-try for every homeowner. Among these projects are gorgeous DIY Wood Sticks Candle Holders. These candle holders are ideal for people who want a subtle light in the living room, bedroom, and other parts of the house. These holders are perfect interior design pieces that give a calming and romantic atmosphere. 

    Because the style of these candle holders is rustic, they easily match the overall design of any house. Furthermore, these DIY Wood Stick Candle Holders produce a subtle light. This makes anyone feel they are one with nature. Overall, these candle holders are easy to make yet class to look at. You and your beloved will feel the romance once the candles on these holders are lit at night. 

    The best thing about these candle holders is that you certainly can make them yourself - fast and successfully. 

    All you will need are glasses of different sizes. Cover these glasses with wood sticks taken from branches of a dry tree. To secure the sticks in place, use multi-purpose craft adhesive.

    For making your candle holder more interesting, use glass bottles of different sizes. Learn here how to cut them using only a cotton string and other few accessories.

    Quick Steps on How to Make LED Lighted Balloons

    If you are hosting an elegant evening event for family members, relatives and friends, or perhaps for bosses and co-workers, then forget about going traditional.
    The use of candles, lanterns and string lights is just so mainstream. To add a twist, why not use LED balloons? These decors will surely leave your guests ‘amazed even when the party is over. Brit offers countless of ideas on how to rock a party. Being the host, you have the option to use LED centerpieces or choose from a collection of party planning tools.
    However, prior to making a further research, pay attention on how to make balloons. As we all know, balloons are among the highlights of any event. Balloons are ‘proven and tested’ when it comes to raising the level of excitement of any special occasion.
    However, with the advent of technology, we decided to show you how to incorporate LED lights on the balloons. LED lights + Balloons = Beautiful Glowing Lanterns. What is more gorgeous than that?

    For this project, the materials needed are balloons and of course, LED lights. You have the option to make DIY LED lights or rather repurpose a dollar store keychain.
    Step 1: Collect your LED lights.
    If you want to go the easy way, then just buy LED lights from the store. They are already powered and ready to use. Otherwise, if you want the harder way around, then make your own LEDs.

    To make DIY LED lights, here are the materials you will need: 
    - 5 to 10 Small LEDs (available online or at Radio Shack)
    - 5 to 10 3-Volt Batteries
    - Tape
    To start assembling the LED lights, position the ‘legs’ of a LED on one side of a battery. The LED should light up right away; however, if it does not, then flip the battery. During the actual event, secure the LED in place by taping it into the battery. Do the same process to all LED lights.

    Otherwise, shop at your local Dollar Store or party supply store and look for LED accessories if you rather want to buy powered LEDs. For this project, I was lucky enough to find LED keychains that come in different colors when powered with a battery.

    Step 2: Time to assemble all the balloons.
    Blowing the balloons with helium requires assistance of a staff from the party store. Turn on a LED light and insert it to one balloon. Keep in mind that this must be done prior to filling the balloon with helium.

    Repeat the same process for the rest of the balloons. After all are tied and attached with strings, decorate them all over the party area. Witness as to how these glowing balloons light up the scene and add elegance to the event.

    Usually, LED balloons can last up to one day or two. However, their life depends upon the quality of LED used.

    If ever your LED balloons are still glowing even after the party, then save your LED lights for the next party by popping the balloons and keeping the lights into a safe place.

    Images (c) Brit

    DIY: How to Cut Glass Bottles For Creating Decorative Candle Covers


    In this tutorial we will show you how to cut a wine bottle and to create a nice decorative candle cover. I never ever imagined it could be so simply and easy.

    You don't need to have any glass-cutting equipment, just few household items such as:
    • glass bottle
    • cotton string
    • scissors
    • acetone
    • some abrasive paper
    • cold water (we recommend to put some ice in the water)
    • lighter or matches
    Watch the fallowing video and let us know what do you think.