How to Improve the Battery of Your eBike or Scooter

One of the most concerning problems for the owners of scooters of ebikes is the battery life of their two wheeler. In the last ten years there has been major development in increasing lasting of battery power for these vehicles. Competing with gas based engines, is kind of harsh when we are talking of ebike or scooter batteries. Right at the moment it is impossible to compare the two. The whole electric system has to be really efficient so your battery power will last you on the distance you want to make. Below is the advice you should consider in order to make your ebike batteries really last. By following these simple steps you will be able to recapture wasted energy, or even more add some to the charge.

Step 1 is a simple one, pedaling. Some models on the market allow you to charge the batteries and keep them charging as you are pedaling. In this case you should consider that the bike is a bit heavier, than without a motor, and the pedaling will be harder as well because of the dragging generated by the weight and the dragging that the generator creates. Looking on the bright side of things, once you have a hill ahead you will be able to just switch to the motor and with the electricity you pedaled you will be up in no time.

Step 2 is coasting. On some of the ebike or scooter models you can put a motor that recharges itself while coasting. This is not the most efficient method of generating electricity, cause you will have to get up on a hill or slope first, in order to get down from there, and with the energy you spend to get up, the energy you will gain by coasting is quite minimal.

Step 3 is regenerative breaking. This is quite a method to generate electricity. While you are using the breaks the motor will charge itself with electric power. Considering the fact that you are using the breaks only in case you have to the power output of this method is lower, than generating electrical power while you actually ride the bike.

Step number 4 is about the motor generating the charging. This is possible, while the motor is running, also this is an experimental method that needs a lot of improvement and some time, so it can be used at its full capacity. But once getting over the downsides of these methods and finding some new ways to cope with this energy, electric devices such as ebikes and scooters will definitely have the power in their batteries to last you on longer journeys as well.

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